David Schlichter begins his second term on the DMAR Board of Directors

In 2020, David Schlichter was elected by fellow Denver area real estate professionals to represent central Denver on the Denver Metro Association of Realtors Board of Directors. We know that real estate transactions are usually among the most significant financial transactions of our clients’ lifetimes, and that is why David felt it was so important to be in the room when decisions about the real estate industry are being made.

Because our award-winning team does so many transactions annually, we know how critical it is to have excellent representation on BOTH sides of the transaction, and unfortunately have seen situations where consumers were harmed by an agent’s mistakes, negligence, or incompetence. We’ve seen agents on the other side of the deal encourage their clients to accept two offers for the same property, tell their clients that an offer price was $25,000 higher than it actually was, leave out provisions of the contract that the client wanted in—and this summer we even had an agent show up to one of our listings too drunk to figure out how to open the lock box. 

We believe consumers deserve better. Much better.

Over the course of the last year, David held a series of conversations with key stakeholders around strengthening the requirements to get and keep a real estate license in Colorado. In addition to the ordinary work of the board, in year two of his service he hopes to make substantial progress in moving those conversations forward so that hopefully, in the coming years, legislation can be passed here in Colorado that will raise the bar for real estate professionals, give consumers get the representation they deserve, and serve as a model for states across the country to follow our lead!

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